Friends of Pine Hawk’s Youtube channel: here

The following videos highlight local archaeological features:

Trail Through Time Video Tour, March 2021 (ActonTV)

Native American Ceremonial Stone Structures of Acton, by Linda McElroy and Rob Houghton, October 7, 2021 (ActonTV)

Native American Archaeology of the Assabet River, February 23 2023
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These videos are presentations by speakers during the Friends of Pine Hawk’s celebrations of Massachusetts Archaeology Month:

Rock Art in New England by Peter Anick, October 27, 2021

Pine Hawk Presentation: Nashoba Plantation and Vision Quests by Dan Boudillon, October 25 2017

The Sand Hill Site in Wayland, October 26, 2023

First video of presentations by speakers during the new Friends of Pine Hawk’s Spring Program:

Review of Acton Area Archaeology by Kimberley Connors, May 24 2023