Mission & Goals for 2020


The Friends of Pine Hawk foster appreciation of indigenous cultural traditions and promote preservation of Native American ceremonial stone landscapes and other artifacts.
To further this mission, we organize lectures, workshops, field trips, book discussions, and community service days, while sharing an expanding database of cultural resources related to indigenous history, folkways, and current events, including relevant early American history and culture. We seek collaboration with members of the local Native American communities and organizations with similar interests.


The following goals seek to promote an understanding of and respect for the indigenous people and history of the region through education and through the recognition, protection, and preservation of its historic and archaeological resources.


  1. Deliver a high-quality, varied set of programs and activities this fall
  2. Co-sponsor cultural events or programs that explore and advance connectivity to contemporary
    Native American culture and perspectives
  3. Expand our adult education curriculum
  4. Enhance video and web-accessible virtual tours of archaeological sites and walks
  5. Continue the popular Book Discussion group

Local Advocacy

  1. Support community stewardship events for the maintenance of significant local sites and trails
  2. Work for passage of the Acton Historical Commission’s proposed bylaw for protection of historical and archaeological assets
  3. Seek collaborations with the Acton Natural Resources Division, local land trusts, Native American groups, historical commissions, historical societies, and other organizations, as appropriate
  4. Continue to monitor the Concord Water Treatment plans at Nagog Pond for potential impact on sensitive areas


  1. Contribute to the Acton Boxborough schools’ development of local history curriculum resources
  2. Systematize, expand, and publicize resources available to community and organizations
  3. Develop a roadmap/model/best practices for surveying and protecting local ceremonial and cultural indigenous sitesOrganization


  1. Actively seek diverse perspectives and develop advisory relationships:
    • Continue to reach out to our Native American friends and advisors for input and advice
    • Wherever possible include tribal perspectives in Friends of Pine Hawk deliberations and program decisions
  2. Redevelop our web site
  3. Increase members’ core knowledge through external programs and field trips
  4. Invite members with complementary skills sets (e.g. indigenous cultural knowledge, field archaeology, communications, graphic design)
  5. Explore funding opportunities
  6. Move communication list and document management to Google Groups

PDF of Mission and Goals